About Avner Engel Catering

Avner Engel is a unique and exclusive boutique-caterer that can cater full-course meals at events and cocktail parties of up to 500 guests.
Avner Engel’s food is a local and contemporary cuisine based on Mediterranean influences that integrates hints of Italian, French and Spanish cuisine. Avner Engel believes that the secret to a successful event is creating synergy between the different components: the food, the atmosphere, and the crowd, which is why he devotes himself fully to each event, giving it his undivided attention. The menus are composed especially for the event, where the culinary character, serving style and utensils are influenced by the concept of the event. These are adapted to the invitees, the venue and the décor, with an emphasis on the smallest details.
The catering is in a constant state of renewal and innovation, and the nature of the menus therefore changes according to the annual seasons and available ingredients.
The catering’s credo is using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients while accentuating their original flavor. Avner only uses organic ingredients, which have the highest nutritional value.
Avner Engel can cater kosher and non-kosher events (as two separate brands).